[nafex] Re: blueberries/wool/mulch

Christopher Mauchline mauch1 at aol.com
Fri Nov 16 11:45:32 EST 2001

   I planted blueberries 3 yrs. ago and had my first crop this year 
(would have had a crop sooner, but I followed directions and removed 
flowers to put energy into establishing the plants).

   I also have heavy clay.  I just dug large holes and replaced 50% 
of the soil w' peat moss.  I keep them mulched w' pine needles and 
fertilize w' Hollytone and add an acidifier 1/month for 2 - 3 months 
in the spring.

How do the plants look otherwise? pale vs. drk green?

I have heard that adding sand to clay can effectively turn the soil 
to "cement".

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex at y..., "del stubbs" <pinewoodel at h...> wrote:
> Amy, I re-read your post about wool under blueberries.
> My wife grew up picking wild blueberries, but we have very heavy 
soil and 
> not a blueberry in sight.  So, for a present,  I dug out a side-
hill pit 18" 
> deep x 4' x 8' and added 1/3 proportions of peat moss, sand, and 
rich garden 
> soil. Put in northern hardy blueberrries 3 years ago, keep 'em 
weeded, and 
> to date we've gotten a whoppin 3 berries!
> Is there something magic about wool that I have'nt heard of?
> We can get plenty of free cleaned reject wool from the local wollen 
mill. Or 
> is the lanolin, dirt, etc. of 'fresh ' wool important? I don't 
> the principle of planting a blueberry on a pile of wool unless i'ts 
> keeping its dry feet or such, I would think the roots would be 
> Secondly, wool was mentioned as a good mulch. My wife tried a bunch 
of this 
> stuff over our asparagas first time this winter, so we'll see. But 
> concern is that the the voles will have R20 housing for the winter 
as well. 
> any comment? Doesn't it matt down to nothing under snow? Thanks, Del
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