[nafex] Re: group plantings

Mark Lee marklee3 at onebox.com
Thu Nov 15 14:53:01 EST 2001

I planted two apple trees in the same hole about 5 years ago.  They 
are Adams Pearmain and Fireside, both on a dwarf rootstock.  They 
don't seem to mind being so close.  Both produce a decent crop each 
year.  They may even benefit from being so close since they tend to 
support each other.  I didn't have any other reason for putting both 
in the same hole other than I wanted both trees near the house, and I 
only had one spot open for any tree, so in they both went.

-Mark Lee, Seattle

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> Hi Robert
> I've seen this done and it was a disaster but only because the 
gardener did
> not keep up with routine maintenance. ie: they were never pruned. I
> inspected the trees 5 years into their life there (I was sent by 
the selling
> nursery to replace the trees and/or advise the family on caring for 
> They were a bartlett, a niijiseiki and chojuro pear, all very 
vigorous, and
> even fruiting well, but very diseased.
> All this said, the plants did not suffer from lack of moisture or 
> The problem was how crowded the branches were. I pruned out the 
> completely since they didn't like it, and there was one in the 
garden next
> door providing lots of pollen. The bartlett was actually the main 
> It was just way too vigorous (kind of like my own). The two 
remaining trees
> are doing very well now.
> Jojo - Pender Island BC Zone 8. Now it's raining.
> ____________________________________________
> Robert H. wrote...
> I am curious about what people think about a group plantings of 
fruit trees.
> I have seen some website speak of plant 2-4 trees in one hole for 
> who have limited space.  I have even been told by nurseries that I 
> plant a small tree and it pollenator in one hole.
> Would that put to much stress on both trees for food and water?

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