[nafex] off the wall procedures

hayner9 at cs.com hayner9 at cs.com
Thu Nov 15 06:44:10 EST 2001

Hi Lucky,
Thanks for the warning about the kitty litter. Actually I thought of it as 
more a curiosity than anything else- but you're right. The apple trees are 
not bearing age, I will have covered it up by then.
I was also considering planting castor bean plants around the edge of the 
garden to keep the voles from using it as a highway, but read that ONE bean 
can kill a child! I knew it was something that would make you sick , but had 
no IDEA that it was that deadly. Maybe voles aren't so bad after all...
Another thing I've done, with excellent results, is a way to use excess or 
unwanted wool. We have very tight clay ground,  I had been completely 
unsuccessful in getting any form of blueberry to grow on it. I tried mulching 
it, watering during hot dry spells ( of course, by then the clay would set up 
like a brick and the water would just run away). Finally, in desperation, I 
ordered a group of bushes to be my lasst attempt. I also had a great pile of 
filthy wool sitting around, so why not? I dug a big hole for each bush, 
stuffed it with a hunk of wool about the size of a toy poodle, plopped a bush 
right on top of it and covered it up. Watered it well, really soaked the 
ground- and that was that. No mulch on top. Later when I had opportunity, I 
scattered  some pine needles around. Those bushes have never had the least 
amount of attention, and have never looked back We have had years of severe 
drought, they only had a few berries, but they didn't die. They are spreading 
like crazy. I highly recommend this to anyone who knows anyone with sheep.
Clayhill Farm, z7

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