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Wed Nov 14 14:12:02 EST 2001

My contact with the U of S has been very positive so far, I am more 
concerned about the large nurseries and their business ethics. 
Thanks for offering to ask about crossing borders with their material 
but I have already have a pretty good idea of the red tape and 
expense involved, which is quite high, on both accounts.  
I'd love to hear about the fruit conference, perhaps it would make a 
good submission to Nafex.
I thought that I'd read that the Ski Carmine  was rather small in 
fruit size compared to the Evans. Perhaps I was mistaken. I got the 
info from a nursery in Alberta, fergit the name.
I thought the Evans might be easier to propagate as a rootstock but 
then, if the Ski Carmine carries its hardiness via seed then that 
might be a better bet.
Scott Skogerboo of Colorado has done considerable work on Dr Hansen's 
plum collection, working closely with one of his students. Wish he 
were on this list.
Here is a url that will inform you a bit on Surround. I don't know if 
its available in Canada.

My experiments with amelanchier as rootstock for pear have been 
dismal but it may be due to the poor aftercare. Graft takes were very 
poor and vigor very low, to the point of weakness. I lost all of my 
grafts, on alnifolia. 
Dr Westwood found however that they were among the most efficient 
yielders of all the rootstocks tested, (both intra and inter -generic 
with pear.) However, his friend who has taken care of some of them 
says that they are doing very poorly, but I haven't given up hope, do 
you know of any trees that have done well over time? 
I am not familiar with any of the 'gold series of pear and apricot. 
Kevin B

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