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Dean Kreutzer deankreutzer at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 11:23:05 EST 2001

Hello Kevin,

>From my experience, the U of S doesn't really care about how big your 
operation is, although they would probably like a minimum of seedlings per 
orchard.  I have definately noticed no 'squeezing out' of smaller 
operations, in my dealings they have been fair with all parties.  I'm not 
sure if the U of S has any U.S. cooperators due to all the red tape of 
moving plants across the border, but I can ask, as I'll be attending a fruit 
conference next weekend.

I have some Evans cherry planted as well, although there is a question of 
it's hardiness here, as I and others I know have had some dieback in zone 
2b.  The evans cherry was located by Dr. Evans, around Edmonton, which is 
zone 3a.  I have tasted both the evans and SK Carmine Jewel cherry, and 
there isn't too much difference in taste or size.  The pit of the Evans is 
elongated and the flesh and juice are clear/yellow/pink similar to the 
Montmorency.  The evans should be pruned to a small tree, and the Carmine 
Jewel probably to a shrub since it grows to a Max 8 feet high.  As far as 
using it for a rootstock, I would prefer to use the more hardy Carmine Jewel 
that doesn't sucker very much, and more dwarf.  At the U of S plot in 
Saskatoon, the soils are heavy clay, and they do very well there.

I met Dr. Evans and Bernie at the Devonian fruit conference in Edmonton in 
August, and learned quite a bit from their experiences and knowledge.

I'm afraid I can't offer you too much in the way of apple rootstock 
knowledge as apples are not one of my main interests.

I'm interested in locating some the cultivars released by Dr. Hansen out of 
South Dakota, and the cultivars released by Mandan, ND.

I am not aware of Surround kaolin clay, what and how do you use it?

I have planted Prairie Gold/sunrise/Brookcot/Westcot/Debbie's Gold for 
apricot, with more planned for the spring.

I have planted many of the commercial pears, grafted on Pyrus Ussuriensis 
rootstock, and grafting/budding more on Amelanchier next year because of 
dwarfing affect and no pear decline problems.  Also have Ure, Golden Spice, 
Early Gold, Luscious, Summercrisp and others.

Take care,


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