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Sat Nov 10 15:24:38 EST 2001

Dear NAFEXers,

I am issuing a call for Gathering Editors for Pomona.  The next available issue to work in is Summer 2002, which means that articles would be due to
you by April 30, 2002, and edited materials for that issue will be due to me--typed onto computer disk or via email (the easiest of all, I think) by
May 15, 2002.  While I greatly value the editorial knowledge of the gathering editors, most of all I value your knowledge of fruit-growing; that is
the angle you can keep in mind as you look over the articles.  I try to retain the character of the author while cleaning up spelling, grammar,
making sense of the article, etc. articles would be due to you by April 30, 2002, and to me from you by May 15, 2002.

Future issues also need Gathering Editors; to get an idea of time frames for any issue, just add three months to each of the dates above.  That is,
then, as follows:
 Fall 2002 issue: due to you by July 30, to me by August 15
 Winter 2003 issue:   due to you by October 31, to me by Nov. 8 (this is an earlier one, due to holidays)
 Spring 2003 issue:  due to you by January 31, to me by Feb. 15.

and so on.  Honorarium for your work is $150.

Thank you all for your consideration; let me know if you can help.


Jackie Kuehn
Editor-in-chief, Pomona

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