[nafex] voles & carpet mat experiment results

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 6 09:30:27 EST 2001

>From: "victoria l. caron" <vicaron at gis.net>
I just can't get over why I would have this problem so early, when last year 
under identical (to me) circumstances I had no damage and the
>nursery was hardly protected.

I'm guessing it's mouse numbers, no?
I remember reading that one should expect a significant increase in Lymes 
disease the year after a good mast crop....as there would be a field mice 
population explosion. I wonder what else effects population explosions of 
the little buggers, snow cover or not, predator decline?

As I was tending to my screening this year I also pulled up the 4' salvaged 
carpet squares (tree matts), and will stack them for the winter as a vole 
deterrant. This is a 3 year old experiment. The results are.....
1. Put the pile side up, then it doesn't make nesting material
2. When picking up salvaged carpet (something carpet stores smile at since 
they have to pay to dump it) don't pick up cheap looking carpet, it will 
degrade the first year or so
3. If any weeds are seen to poke up through it, pull it as its deteriorating
4. Much of the 3 year old mats still seem to have years left in them
5. They have made a weed free 4' square for my new trees
6. Its advantage over other matting is its weight...wind doesn't move it; 
water passes through it; and the price is right.
7. The disadvantage is putting it down permanantly (or using cheap stuff) 
which will deteriorate...causing a nightmare for mowing, weed whippng, 
rorotilling.   Mn. Del

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