[nafex] parafilm results

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Thu May 31 22:11:35 EDT 2001

Just checked the plastic bag grafts again, and many have started to
push.  I did them quite late, after an unusually warm spell, and before
our current unseasonably cool stretch, so the late growth is probably
from the timing, not the technique.

So far, my vote is for plastic bags.  I used supermarket produce bags
cut into strips an inch or so wide.  It's a little stretchy and easy to
wrap tight and apply pressure.  It's pretty easy to tie off at the end. 
The stuff is free.  Because there's no adhesive, I expect it to be easy
to remove.  Very few of the grafts have dried out.

I did tie many of them off with a bit of masking tape (not free, but
cheap).  Can't tell yet if that makes a difference.


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