[nafex] Beautuful Arcade/ Ultra hardy rootstocks

Bernie Nikolai Nikolai at v-wave.com
Thu May 31 23:27:32 EDT 2001

I am learning that "extremely hardy" is a relative term.  BA is considered
so and is often used in Eastern Canada.  However these are climate zones 4
to 6 basically, not zones 2 and 3 as on the Canadian prairies.  In trials in
central Alberta, this last year saw 3 of 8 Beautiful Arcade in the trial row
die out totally.  Minimum soil temperatures at 1 ft. under the soil hit
-14.1C.  All Siberian Crab and all Ranetka came through undamaged.  That's
why if you are in a severe climate and worry about getting a snowless year
as we basically did, don't fool around.  Use Siberian or Ranetka.  I'm
confident BA would be fine 9 out of 10 years for me.  Its that 10th year
that will cost all the money.

What I call "extremely hardy" is the story of a local Edmonton nurseryman
who had several unsold apple trees in pots on Siberian crab.  He forgot to
move the pots off a raised deck, and the trees were totally unprotected all
winter.  The pots were totally exposed to the howing winds and the
temperature hit -40F.  In the spring he was going to toss the trees,
naturally thinking they were dead.  To his astonishment, all dozen or so
trees leafed out totally normally, and he sold them that spring.  Now,
that's "extremely hardy" in my mind.
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta

At 03:09 AM 6/1/01 -0000, you wrote:
>Has anyone tried growing this as a rootstock? If so, how does it do? 
>I understand it dwarfs by fifty percent and is exptremely hardy. Any 
>problems you've had or heard of?
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