[nafex] tent catapillars

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Thu May 31 22:39:51 EDT 2001

Hélène said:
>Prevention in this case around here consist of cutting and burning the 
> >branches of small trees (usually wild cherries) where they have spent 
> >the winter in the form of eggs. Early, when the cobweb?, is formed is 
> >the time where they are easily noticed, before they are big enoughto 
> >>make their way to your apple trees.

Interesting, I just went for a walk in the forest with spray bottle in hand 
and by far the biggest bunches of tent catapillars were on wild choke 
cherries, which are having a good bloom just now, and the adjacent 
saskatoons look like a good crop....If i beat the birds AND the catapillars 
to them.
A previous post mentioned army catapillars.....I believe they're one and the 
same. Mn. Del    where, for some reason the canada geese are flying all 
around in a V today, and just landed 200 deet out our window, beautiful!
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