[nafex] Quince for Pear roostock

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It is a coincidence, but I was just about to ask about this. Someone grafted a Bartlett a few years ago on a small hawthorn growing at my place and it lasted and grew for three years after which it did not make the next winter. Bartlett not being very hardy in my zone 3, I don't know whether to attribute the failure to the climate or the instability of Crataegus as a rootstock for pears.
This Spring, I grafted three specimens ( three different varieties) on Hawthorn rootstocks, three weeks ago and at least one is showing a take.
My Hawthorn rootstocks are wild seedlings grafted right on the spot. They happened to be near two pear trees, Luscious and Hudar on unknown rootstocks, which are over 7 feet tall, and I though they may soon require all the help they could get with pollinization. 
I am also interested in the subject and would like to follow this closely...
Hélène, zone 3

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  It's not a long-term trial, but I've got Ubileen that's been growing nicely 
  for the past two years on a seedling hawthorn(Crataegus spp.) rootstock.
  Lucky Pittman
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