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Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Wed May 30 12:18:27 EDT 2001

Mark Lee wrote:

> I have used electrical tape for many years when doing grafts of
> apple.  I would typically have 80% of the grafts take.  One problem
> with the tape is when it is removed, the adhesive stick too well to
> the bark, and strips off a chuck of bark from the graft, killing it.
> When I leave the tape on, it girdles the branch and restricts
> development.  Two seasons ago I started using parafilm.  I hold the
> grafts together with budding rubbers and cover them with a single
> layer of parafilm.  Parafilm is easy to put on, and since it has no
> adhesive, it is easy to remove, eliminating my tape-related
> problems.  I did 10 grafts last year, with about 3 taking but
> eventually drying out.  This year I did 30 grafts, with about 5
> taking, but these too look like they will dry out and die also.  With
> parafilm it looks like I will have no success with 40 grafts over 2
> seasons.
> Two things other than parafilm changed in the last two seasons, so
> parafilm may not be the cause of my failure.  Change #1: All of my
> scionwood was obtained through the mail, while previously I got the
> wood fresh locally.  Change #2: The rootstock was obtained through
> the mail, and the roots were not very abundant.  The roots planted
> this year are putting out lots of leaves below the graft, but above
> the graft are dried scionwood.
> For those of you having success with parafilm, any advice for

I have almost 100% success with parafilm.
I have used it for more than 20 years for an unknown # of
I use mostly whip and tongue.
I do not use rubber.
I just wrap the graft area about twice with parafilm, overlapping about
1/2 inch per turn.
I leave the parafilm on and it deteriorates over time so there is no
It also stretches with the growth.
When I cut a 2 inch piece of parafilm, I stretch it to about 6 inches
before I use it for wrapping. It ends up being about an inch wide and 6
inches long.
It adheres to itself as you wrap but not to the scion.
When I am through wrapping I have an airtight, waterproof cocoon around
the branch about 3 inches long, that is about 4 thicknesses of stretched
On the larger thicknesses of limbs I use 2 pieces of parafilm, that
start out as 2 inches each when cut and 12 inches when applied.
The rubber you use may be allowing air in to the cut area, I would
advise against using it.


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