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I think your main problem her is that your are feeding all the growth below 
the graft. I remove all below graft except for one just below the graft and 
keep them off. Even the one I leave I do not let it get more than a couple 
inches long. I keep it pinched back. This way if the graft doesn't take you 
have growth above to keep growing. But after the graft is sprouting well I 
take off all growth below the grafts. You need to feed the graft, not other 

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I have used electrical tape for many years when doing grafts of
apple.  I would typically have 80% of the grafts take.  One problem
with the tape is when it is removed, the adhesive stick too well to
the bark, and strips off a chuck of bark from the graft, killing it.
When I leave the tape on, it girdles the branch and restricts
development.  Two seasons ago I started using parafilm.  I hold the
grafts together with budding rubbers and cover them with a single
layer of parafilm.  Parafilm is easy to put on, and since it has no
adhesive, it is easy to remove, eliminating my tape-related
problems.  I did 10 grafts last year, with about 3 taking but
eventually drying out.  This year I did 30 grafts, with about 5
taking, but these too look like they will dry out and die also.  With
parafilm it looks like I will have no success with 40 grafts over 2

Two things other than parafilm changed in the last two seasons, so
parafilm may not be the cause of my failure.  Change #1: All of my
scionwood was obtained through the mail, while previously I got the
wood fresh locally.  Change #2: The rootstock was obtained through
the mail, and the roots were not very abundant.  The roots planted
this year are putting out lots of leaves below the graft, but above
the graft are dried scionwood.

For those of you having success with parafilm, any advice for me?
Any suggestions or comments?
Mark Lee in Seattle

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