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Gianni GIANNI-2 at prodigy.net
Mon May 28 14:10:30 EDT 2001

Hope everyone is having a marvelous holiday today.
Trying to discover all that I can on prunus persica and was wondering if some of
you accomplished growers could extol some virtues on peach.
My search begins with the 3 best books ever printed on the subject of peach.
When they were printed is not important as the old booksellers on the net make
it possible to acquire old treasures, quite easily.
Trying to find the definitive read on peach is the goal.
Couple of hands on questions from the experts if this is possible.
I was reading where if you lift all the sod from the general perimeter around peach
trees and apply phosphates and keep the area free & clear of invasive growth that
this has an incredibly beneficial effect on your trees.
Perhaps someone could purport the voracity of the above claim.
I want to do this but am afraid of disturbing the topsoil & what effect it could have on
a prunus in the beginning of the 1st inning of the growing season, may retard or
kill the tree. Any thoughts on this.
Last inquiry...
There are standard peach and then there are dwarf is there an intermediate size.
One more if I could, I had a number of shoots pop from pits and cutworms wiped
the tops out. Are these RIP or could they possibly regenerate new cotyledons or
even normal leaves once again, is there a method?
Thanks all, enjoy your BBQ's friends and families today.
Best of growing,

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