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Gianni GIANNI-2 at prodigy.net
Wed May 23 17:28:34 EDT 2001

Hi Jim:

None on hand right now for the size your looking for but in a few years. I'll have some....
I wonder how they keep the moisture in it to prevent cracking and yet drying it?
I have used paint on the ends and also linseed oil on air drying boards and would gather
that because we are talking about a relatively small diameter that oil would do well to
replace moisture with a lubricant.
Suspect a major operation to keep and draw moisture out sloooooowly.

Best of growing,
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  I just realized that I sent the following to one person, not the entire
  NAFEX group as I had intended.

  Regarding Osage orange: 
  Currently on another list that I am on, osage orange is being discussed in
  reference to it's woodworking qualities.  It seems to be desirable for tool
  handles and other small hard projects, but it apparently is difficult to dry
  and season without severe cracking, checking and splitting.

  Living in Wisconsin where it is a rarity, I'd be interested in getting some
  to make chisel handles and perhaps a mallet--just in case anyone has some
  spare chunks of it around.

  Jim Erdman (Menomonie, WI) 

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