[nafex] trees not leafing out

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Wed May 23 12:03:47 EDT 2001

Bernie Nikolai wrote:

  My guess is most of the trees
>not leafing out, especially in a normal or mild winter, have partial or
>severe root damage caused by a lack of snow which allowed the soil
>temperatures to get too cold, even in a mild winter.

Kevin B. wrote:
>>In Indiana, Maine, and Wisconsin I have been hearing reports of fruit
>>trees not leafing out.
>>We had a very very mild winter here in S WI, and an average spring,
>>no surprises. The only unusual occurrence that I am aware of is that
>>we had an unusally late warm fall with a sudden cold spell, all of my
>>trees had vibrant green leaves when this cold hit, killing the

I don't know where in S. Wisconsin Kevin B. lives, but here in Janesville
(south central WI near the IL border), we had a cold to average winter.  One
week in December, it plunged to -25F every night.  We had snow pack from
Nov. 16 until mid March.  And, everything survived well here and leafed out.
Perennials that are rated for Zone 6 such as Hidcoat lavender survived under
two feet of snow cover.  The only thing that was odd or different is that
many trees, shrubs and roses took much longer than usual to leaf out or
start growth.  When they did start, WOW!  The growth was phenomenal.
Overnight, a tree would leaf out--leaves with size, not just green nubs.  I
suspect Bernie is on to something.  The snow cover makes all the difference.
The continual freezing and thawing when snow cover is absent stresses a

Just my 2 cents worth.
Doreen Howard


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