[nafex] Re: I need some thoughts

Gianni GIANNI-2 at prodigy.net
Tue May 22 21:04:00 EDT 2001

Hi Fluff:

Ah-ha. Grasshopper type stuff, gotchya.
I think billy clubs before plastic were ash? 
Enter the dragon...

Best of growing,
  Gianni wrote:

  > If I could ask, what is your intent with this in order to better 
  formulate an answer for you? Do you want
  > the tree/s in question to be growing to be used in your plan or an 
  arbor or trellis.
  My reply:

  Oh it is little tiny business venture, pizza money basically.  I am 
  making them in to custom fighting staves for martial artists.   Sort 
  of collector items.   That is why the appearance of th efinished wood 
  is important.

  The fluffy one

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