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What about the ash trees, green or white?  They are used in baseball bats,
and I have several in my landscape where the trunk is definitely straight as
a arrow.  
Sheridan, IN

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Hi all:

Osage orange is commonly used for custom knife handles for all the
reasons mentioned.

A couple more possibilities would be walnut and Corylus colurna var.
lacera (aka Corylus jaquemontii).  Corylus, filberts, throw many
suckers that meet the dimensional specifications.  The specimens of
jaquemontii that I have seen have a distinctive "muscle" look.  It is
similar to hop-hornbeam but different.

And then there is always bamboo.

> Guess another species Fluffy might consider for a hard, durable,
> beautiful-grained wood would be Osage Orange(Maclura pomifera).
> Lucky

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