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At 12:33 PM 05/22/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>  In my defense I do not know what his
>application for this is for

You don't need any defense!
I didn't mean it to sound as if I was attacking - far from it.  Just 
Nor do I know what The Fluffster has in mind, either.
Perhaps he'll elaborate so that we can make more informed recommendations.

Guess another species Fluffy might consider for a hard, durable, 
beautiful-grained wood would be Osage Orange(Maclura pomifera).


>and have limbed many times particular cedars to be able to work around
>and have access to the growing area/s. They will continue to grow 
>unimpeded even when the lower
>limbs have been trimmed or completely severed.
>When felled you are right an 8ft cedar will yield very little rot 
>resistant heartwood, but if I remember his
>question clearly I think he said he needed only 2 to 3 inch diameter and 
>imperative that the wood had
>a beautiful grain...
>I guess I'm at a loss barring a preservative that are now available minus 
>any toxins...
>Thank you, Lucky.
>Best of growing,
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>At 11:18 AM 05/22/2001 -0400, Gianni wrote:
>>Red cedar will grow to 8 ft from a seedling in as little as 3 to 4 yrs 
>>depending on conditions.
>Yes, but this 8 ft seedling will have a piece of red heartwood about the 
>size of a pencil lead, the rest being white softwood that'll rot away 
>about as quickly as untreated white pine.  Plus, an open-grown redcedar 8 
>ft tall will have limbs from ground level up.
>I cut some good, tall redcedars out of my hardwood forest this spring, 
>when I was stringing a mile or so of new HT fence - most were 75+ yrs old, 
>based on counts of growth rings - got 2 or 3 good, clear 8 ft 'king' 
>posts, with lots of rot-resistant heartwood, before I got into any 
>significant branches.
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