[nafex] nova, ussuriensis, blight

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 10:48:29 EDT 2001

The graft I was most pleased with last year was a nova pear I'd grafted to 
pyrus ussuriensis. Graft at ground level, grew 3'. The other pears grew 
about a foot. They are starting to leaf out ok, some a full leaf already. 
I'm thinking the 3 footer got done in by its own vitality and got 
fireblight. I can only surmise, the whip isn't black but the bud areas are 
dark and the whole whip has a darker cast. It's leafing out only just above 
the graft. I'm undecided just where to cut this, or to wait awhile. If I 
prune 10" below the suspected blight I'll have to go underground!
  All the ussuriensis I had that were ungrafted got what I figure is 
fireblight last year to the top foot of 3 foot plants. Is it normally a 
blight problem specie?  Between the blight and the possible delayed 
incompatability I wonder if I should dump all 50 and get a less cold hardy 
rootstock that's blight resistant.
  Mn. Del Z2/3 , where we just in time caught a huge snapper crawling toward 
our new swimmng hole, it was bigger than the bottom of the 50 gal. drum we 
moved it with.  ornery and beautiful
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