[nafex] trees not leafing out

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Tue May 22 09:03:42 EDT 2001

In Indiana, Maine, and Wisconsin I have been hearing reports of fruit 
trees not leafing out. 
We had a very very mild winter here in S WI, and an average spring, 
no surprises. The only unusual occurrence that I am aware of is that 
we had an unusally late warm fall with a sudden cold spell, all of my 
trees had vibrant green leaves when this cold hit, killing the 
Two types of trees are having trouble for me this spring:
Pears that were transplanted last fall, (had to do it when they still 
had their green leaves as the soil was freezing). The pears that I 
didn't transplant didn't have any problems. I didn't spring 
transplant any pears to compare them to. 
Peaches, both those that bore a heavy crop and those that didn't crop 
at all.
All other trees seem ok. I fall transplanted many apples no problems 
so far.
Have others had problems in fall transplanting pears?
Why do you suppose my peaches are struggling?
Many thanks
kevin b.


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