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victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Sat May 19 07:41:58 EDT 2001

Hi Ken,
I would suggest researching this via the state University Extension Education
system of either Texas or Arizona. You should be able to find them on line. I am
also posting this with the NAFEX egroup. Hopefully there is someone in the area
that can point you in the right direction. I have grown rhubarb from seed, but am
not sure if this method of propagation is dependable for traits. Common sense
would say that if it's growing there, it should produce seed as adaptable to the
area or more so than the parent.  Good luck, .........vic

Zonge at aol.com wrote:

> Thank you for writing the Rhubarb article in the recent Pomona.  On the web
> site you gave and in a couple of other places on the Internet, there is
> mention of an unknown variety of Rhubarb that grows very well in the
> panhandle of Texas (or Amarillo Texas, depending on web site).   I live in
> Tucson, Arizona but grew up in Alaska where we had incredible Rhubarb.  I
> would really like to grow it here and I think I might have better success
> with the variety that grows so well in Texas but I can't figure out how to
> get my hands on any of it short of driving there and collecting seed.  Do you
> have any ideas?  I wonder, does NAFEX have members in Amarillo who would be
> willing to gather seed?
> Ken Zonge


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