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Fri May 18 10:50:16 EDT 2001

 As a new prunus enthusiast I find info on native plum & cherry too
 scanty. I think Ihave a handle on most species but a local wild 
prunus confuses me.
 Let's start by saying the major local prunus is a jet black, smooth
 bark cherry. It grows tall and slender  in our heavy clay soil.
 It's great numbers here in central jersey make me think it is
 Mazzard w/ it's fibrous root. It often blooms a wonderful white
 typical prunus flower.
   There is another smaller tree- maybe 25 ft. w/ the same smooth
 bark & lenticels but definite purple color.It often fails to flower
 along roadsides where it is usually found. I found a pure stand of
perhaps ten trees growing to 30 ft.
   I located a large stand of P. Americana so I know what that
 looks like. Can anyone tell me what the purple bark prunus is?
 Also I have never seen a fruit in more than 30 specimens even
 when in a mature group of 25 ft. specimens.
     The fruit of what I take to be P. Americana is delicious- way
 beyond expectations!
     Any help would be very appreciated. 
                                    Chris Duffy


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