[nafex] a whitney sport

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Thu May 17 07:57:51 EDT 2001

	This tree has quite a history...planted in 1940 on a newly settled 
farm(much of this area wasn't settled until the 1900's) it grew up just big 
enough to be crushed "while we were putting up ice". To be reborn soon 
enough to feed threshing crews, and killed to the ground 2 more times.  Said 
my dear 85 year old neighbor Minerva. She is still grafting fruit trees at 
her age on the same property, nothing shows more hope for the future than 
	 Anyway, in its present reincarnation it had barely one scion for me to 
take and try to propagate. I got 3 whips to take last year. Minerva is 
relieved, 'this apple must be saved, its an inch bigger than a normal 
whitney'. Hopefully this year I'll get to taste one from her tree, the tree 
with at least 3 lives.
	I looked up whitney crabs on google, found plenty of places that sell the 
fruit, but not much description of the apple itself. Does anyone favor this 
apple?  Mn. Del Z2/3
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