[nafex] old scions and neighbors

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Wed May 16 00:01:49 EDT 2001

	Today I took the last bits of apple scion stock I had and made the rounds 
of 4 neighboring farms. I had done this last year with similar scions--- 
worn-out, overheated, barely ledgible writing, buds swelling......I had 
grafted up to a dozen trees or branches at each place on old sour crabs.
	This is the area where even old farms rarely have edible fruit trees of any 
kind.  So they have all been intrigued with the whole process and idea.    
Well, today I was one happy camper, and the neighbors too....80+ percent of 
last years took and showed 1' to 3' of growth.  And,  these are repositories 
toward the eventuality of a test winter...hoping at last one of each will 
survive somewhere. Mn. Del
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