[nafex] Re: on Paula Red

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Tue May 15 09:39:13 EDT 2001

Just for the record, I would have cut that sucker (no pun intended) down a long
time ago but my husband won't let me. I mentioned again this year grafting on to
one of the stock suckers, but it's not going to happen. I agree, I don't know how
Paulared got so popular up here, certainly not for its flavor or pies. It
produces well with little if any scab problems. If the tree was out in the field
it would surely have succumbed to some mysterious ailment by now, if you know
what I mean .  .  .
Vic NH zone 3

"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:

> True - the fresh quality is uninspiring, though here in the NW it will make
> acceptible pies.  The production is so lousy it isn't worth it, though.  The
> only people that grow it regularly, as I said, are people who want to win
> "biggest apple" contests.  That's it's only use.
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> >  Vic:  Give it up.  PaulaRed simply isn't worth the trouble, or at its
> >peak, it doesn't even make mediocre.
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> >     You wrote------------------
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> >> Spokane Beauty nf and its sports: Eve's Delight nf, Starking Giant nf, and
> >> others - Strong tip bearer ... A fair number of people grow it around here
> >> as it is the main variety that wins giant apple contests. (Lon Rombough,
> >> Oregon)
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> >     Lon-------------see above re: message to Vic.
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