[nafex] topgrafting americana,prunus rootstocks

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Tue May 15 08:21:25 EDT 2001

Kevin, just found the website.....
It mentions using  prunus nigra "Canada plum".  I haven't encountered it, 
have you?
It recommends prunus virginiana for super hardy rootstock....anyone out 
there use it? I've got a forest floor covered with seeedlings and think to 
move a bunch into nursery bed area for future grafting of plum and or evans 
cherry. I would guess it has dwarfing characteristics. Anyone experimented 
with it?

Heres another good site for folks like me seeing photos of just what "green 
tip" or "popcorn" or "silver tip" mean, from Mich. State U.


>From: edforest55 at hotmail.com

>Thanks for your rundown on the first and last plants to begin growth
>this year. I always like to compare notes.
>As for Jap/Am plums grafted on P. americana, I have some 4 year old
>grafts at about 3 feet that haven't shown any problems yet. Probably
>too early to tell. It might depend on the what varieties, what
>variety was your source referring to?
>Kevin B.
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