[nafex] Dolgo and Kerr

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon May 14 19:19:47 EDT 2001

Last week, when I mentioned that my Kerr apples had the same shape than
Dolgo but a bit bigger, I didn't think there could be confusion on the
shape of Dolgo - but it seems there is...

So I looked in my books, and I don't see there the shape of my Dolgo and
Kerr apples. The closest would be "round-oblong", i.e. generally round in
shape, but longer than most apples. Maybe the term "ovate" would also fit.
In my own terninology, I would say "long roundish". "Round-conical" is also
close, but I don't really see a conical shape in these apples, although
they are often somewhat pointed at the calyx.

Here in Quebec, the largest Dolgo I have measured had 35 mm high per 30 in
diameter. On average, they have 25 to 30 mm high per 22 to 28 in diameter.
Sometimes, the diameter is about equal to the hight, but most of the time
the length exceeds the breath.

For Kerr, the largest I have measured had 42 mm in diameter. On average,
they are 35 to 40 mm. And also, they have sort of a long shape, their
length being about equal to their diameter (note that apples that seem
"round" actually have the diameter larger than the length).


A 11:58 01.05.14 -0500, vous avez écrit :
>Sun, 13 May -    Derry wrote:
><Dolgo is described in Crawford as 'conical'.
>My Dolgo is conical or could be described as 'long'.>


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