[nafex] tip bearing apples, espalier subjects

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Mon May 14 19:48:20 EDT 2001

Well, Nell, I assumed "spar" was a typo for "spur".  I think you would
be happy with either type 2,3, or 4.  One other factor is cultivar
vigor.  Cultivars with high vigor are going to bury you with suckers. 
One work-around might be to train the more vigorous cultivars with
upwardly angled scaffolds (say 30 degrees from horizontal) rather than
horizontal.  I am not an espalier expert...never grew one.  My comments
are based on observations of apple limbs on free standing trees.

I cannot remember if you are considering modern cultivars, but GoldRush
would be near the top of my list.  It is a very managable tree.  It
tends to over-produce but that should be easy to handle in an espalier

> Nowhere could I find an explanation of how the habits are defined, or
> apples assigned to them.  Am I right in assuming that code 4 / Type III
> standard means "spur bearing", i.e. "standard apple bearing habit"?   I was
> also confused by that code 2 / Type I spar; at first I thought "spar" was a
> typo for "spur", but then I thought of airplane wing spars and could sort
> of visualize that as a tree habit (though not a very desirable one).
> ******************
> Any comments about possible influences of culture?  Espaliers are summer
> pruned...

                                            -Joe Hecksel
                                             Eaton Rapids, Michigan


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