[nafex] plum grafts

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 09:07:21 EDT 2001

	This spring I top-grafted a dozen prunus americana to various 
scions..pembina, prarie egg, green gage, evans cherry, manchurian plum.
Some trees were 3' bushes that I saved 3 or 4 verticles with 80 degree 
crotches, and some were 4' trees that I cleft grafted at various heights.
	THEN I found this in my notes yestereday from the "Hardy Tree and Bush 
Fruits"site:   'Prunus Americana makes a weak combination and the tree 
should be planted deep so the scion will develope its own roots'

Oops!  Why is it one has time to do research after one needs it? Has anyone 
else top grafted americana sucessfully?  Any suggestions on strenghtening 
these potentially weak joints?   Mn Del   where it's supposed to hit 80F 
today...that'll wake up the sleepy apple buds

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