Dan & Marilyn Mason dmason at rainyriver.lakeheadu.ca
Fri May 11 11:24:51 EDT 2001


Boughen Nurseries, Valley River, Manitoba  R0L 2B0 was where we
mail ordered our original MOSCOW PEAR APPLE 25 years ago, but
they haven't listed them in their catalog for quite a few years,

I sold a couple MPA whips I'd grafted 9 or 10 years ago, locally.
I'll have to try tracking these down next time I have decent
rootstock seedlings for grafting. At least one of them was still
growing 4 or 5 years ago.

The late Fred Janson mentioned MPA as being one of his favorite
flavored apples in a letter to POMONA but I can't remember which

MPA is a small apple, though. Smaller than RESCUE or OSMAN.
Good for eating seeds and all. Very juicy and incredible flavor.

Dan Mason   zone 3, NW ON, Canada


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