[nafex] there's hope

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Thu May 10 06:27:46 EDT 2001

Joe wrote

>>The ability, the desire, to learn the finer points of growing plants
>kept humans from extinction for many thousands of years.  I think that
>desire to know must be strongly ingrained.  Either as instict, genetic,

This stubborn belief in humanity is part of what powers me into this crazy 
business of planting orchards where none exist, and local experts say it's 
impossible.  The dream that in 10 years I'll have a fruit stand selling 25 
kinds of apples and 25 kinds of various other fruit varieties to a 
population that has only imported stuff to eat. And the hope that they will 
actually believe it, and be interested, even if the fruit is 'cosmetically 
challenged'.  And if that fails, my wife and our friends will have all we 
can eat, and I've had a blast trying.  And in nafex i've met a fine group of 
folk.      Mn. Del
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