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Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Wed May 9 14:06:48 EDT 2001

dwalsh/wchase wrote:

> Tom,
> In my experience, Italian Prune is poor at branching in early years.
> It is also
> very slow-to-bear and I even question whether it is self-fertile (as
> books say)
> Stanley is early-to-bear, branches well, and is self-fertile.
> I think the Italian Plum has the best flavour of all the plums I've
> eaten, but my
> tree is five years old and has yet to produce a plum.  It had blossoms
> at four
> years of age, but no plums (? self-fertile).  This year is has
> hundreds of
> blossoms, but I'll have to see if I get fruit.
> I have a four-year-old Early Italian which has not fruited yet ... it
> has a few
> blossoms last year and many more this year.
> I have about six other European plums in same area blooming at same
> time so I
> should have a pollenizer, and I have lots of Blue Orchard bees plus
> some
> honeybees.
> These plums have the advantage of flowering late so they miss most of
> the spring
> frosts.
> Derry

I have found that the Brooks Plum does well here on the Oregon coast.
It is a prune type but can be very flavorful fresh
It seems to bear early in its life, so you don't have to wait years for
a harveat.
I have tried a large number of plums that have been recommended over the
years and the most highly recomended ones do not seem to do anything
here at all.
A Doctor sent me some Ouillins and I have been able to just barely keep
it going and have neve had a plum off it in 10 years.
I tried an Opal with the same results.
I find that the climate makes such a tremendous difference, that it is
hard to believe that some areas produce such good crops and others


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