[nafex] remote watering & hoses

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  You could have save yourself the cost and time for valves. I used to fill 
barrels with water, get a siphon going with a hose, then just let it down 
where you want to water. Usually a son or daughter used to walk along side 
while the other drove the mower that puller the little trailer. and watered 
as they move along.

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You can get 50 gallon, food grade, plastic drums.  I paid $15 CDN for one 
had contained olives.

I also have used a plain old 30 gallon plastic trash barrel, which I added a
valve and garden hose to the base.  Just put it in the truck, filled it, and
drive it out to the orchard.

Lots of options for watering new trees.


del stubbs wrote:

 > Until I get drip lines in there's one area hoses wont reach.  I must 
 > water it when mama nature doesn't do it. Putting a 50 gallon drum on a
 > garden trailor behind garden tractor is no new idea....but most 50 gallon
 > drums have had questionable stuff in them. So I went to the local soft 
 > distritbuter and bought their white plastic drums. They have a permanent 
 > and 2 threaded bungs which fit a standard faucet. All was well except 
that a
 > standard faucet is so restricted that the gravity pressure made the flow
 > frustratingly slow.....I found I could force thread in the female thread 
 > a garden hose (garden hose is not same as tapered pipe thread, but close
 > emnough in plastic to work) This was a big help, I strappd on the drum 
 > now remote watering is a breeeze.
 > Could buy a full flow faucet I suppose also.
 > I  took two of the drums, set my saw for a shallow cut, sawed them in 
 > length wise and they make great rain shields for rotitillers, watering
 > troughs, etc.
 > Hoses.   For fire fighting and watering I needed a 300 foot hose. The 
 > 5/8 hardware store variety would have so much pressure drop it would be
 > funny, and 3/4 not that much better. While visiting Minneapolis i looked 
 > 'hoses' in the yellow pages. sure enough there were several choices of
 > commercial hose suppliers. In short order i got  two connectable sections 
 > 1" black rubber hose for I believe under a dollar a foot.The pressure is
 > still adequate at 300'.
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