[nafex] remote watering & hoses

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Wed May 9 08:25:15 EDT 2001

Until I get drip lines in there's one area hoses wont reach.  I must remote 
water it when mama nature doesn't do it. Putting a 50 gallon drum on a 
garden trailor behind garden tractor is no new idea....but most 50 gallon 
drums have had questionable stuff in them. So I went to the local soft drink 
distritbuter and bought their white plastic drums. They have a permanent lid 
and 2 threaded bungs which fit a standard faucet. All was well except that a 
standard faucet is so restricted that the gravity pressure made the flow 
frustratingly slow.....I found I could force thread in the female thread of 
a garden hose (garden hose is not same as tapered pipe thread, but close 
emnough in plastic to work) This was a big help, I strappd on the drum and 
now remote watering is a breeeze.

Could buy a full flow faucet I suppose also.

I  took two of the drums, set my saw for a shallow cut, sawed them in half 
length wise and they make great rain shields for rotitillers, watering 
troughs, etc.

Hoses.   For fire fighting and watering I needed a 300 foot hose. The cheap 
5/8 hardware store variety would have so much pressure drop it would be 
funny, and 3/4 not that much better. While visiting Minneapolis i looked up 
'hoses' in the yellow pages. sure enough there were several choices of 
commercial hose suppliers. In short order i got  two connectable sections of 
1" black rubber hose for I believe under a dollar a foot.The pressure is 
still adequate at 300'.
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