[nafex] Re: KERR applecrabs

Dan & Marilyn Mason dmason at rainyriver.lakeheadu.ca
Tue May 8 23:40:06 EDT 2001

Mon, 07 May ---    Claude wrote:

<At my place, the biggest Kerr apple I have grown was just barely
over 1.5". This is too small for lunchbox. Makes me wonder if I
really have Kerr... Mine have the shape and colour of Dolgo, just
a bit bigger and a bit less sour.>


Your description sounds like KERR. I shouldn't have used the word
'lunchbox' to describe size. I just meant they'd be good for
eating fresh for lunch, or putting in kids lunchbags. 2.5" would
be the largest that KERR produces when not crowded on tree.
Average size was probably closer to 2". I'm going on memory 
here. Some years when there were more apples crowded on 
the tree, the KERR applecrabs were quite a bit smaller, but 
never as small as Dolgo, more the size of Osman, or a little
smaller than Rescue when these overproduce. KERR apples 
had a little acid taste but were much sweeter and more 
appealing to me than Dolgo.

KERR applecrabs would never find commercial use. They are too
small. And their taste has a bite to it so they won't appeal to
everyone. But they'd be good for home use. I probably won't buy
another KERR tree to replace the ones I lost. The one small apple
that I lost and miss and may try to get back is the MOSCOW 
PEAR APPLE. They really tasted like a cross between a pear 
and an apple, a sweet exotic taste.

Dan Mason   zone 3, NW ON, Canada


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