[nafex] Exploring Not Quite Cherries

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Tue May 8 20:12:58 EDT 2001

Vic, (or anyone else) That was before I was a member.  If you can tell
me what issue it was in, I will buy it from the Pomona librarian.


"victoria l. caron" wrote:
> Ginda,
> Check back if you can to Pomona Spring 98 or 99, whichever of the two I
> gathered for. Dr. Ian Evans from Alberta sent in a good article with a lot of
> information about a very northern hardy small cherry tree on its own roots
> that bears super crops. St. Laurent has it under the name 'Bali.' I have it
> here in zone 3, but it got damaged by my german shepherd, so although it is
> blooming this year, I still won't know much about it. Maybe someone else has
> an older tree. Anyway the article is very informative.
> vic NH zone 3
> Ginda Fisher wrote:
> > While ordering flats and whatnot, I succumbed to a saleslady's wiles,
> > and found myself ordering a nanking cherry, as well.  It arrived the
> > other day, looking pretty dead (or VERY dormant??) and I put it in the
> > ground.  But then I got to thinking. . .
> >
> > There are other bush cherries out there.  I doubt this one will make it,
> > but the spot I put it in would look nice with a flowing shrub. . .and
> > wouldn't it be great if it had edible fruit?  Now I really like
> > cherries.  I like sweet cherries.  I like sour cherries, eaten fresh.  I
> > used to live near some non-eating cherry (maybe a black cherry) that
> > dropped little fruits - a full-sized pit covered with about 3mm of black
> > flesh.  It was sweet and bitter and very cherry, and I enjoyed them a
> > lot, although there wasn't enough fruit on them to do anything more than
> > chew on a few as I wandered past.  So sour/bitter/seedy doesn't deter
> > me, and I don't mind attracting birds.  But I would like to be able to
> > nibble at it myself, and I'd like something short and bushy.
> >
> > Does anyone have experience with any of the bush cherries?  St. Lawrence
> > Nurseries offers a whole page of different ones (sand cherry, dwarf
> > ground cherry, Jan-joel-joy cherries, nanking cherries.)  Which might do
> > best with less-than-full sun - (bright shade for most of the day)?  The
> > spot is just downhill from a white pine, and is probably acid, too.  My
> > plan is to squeeze two into one large hole for pollination.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ginda Fisher
> > eastern Mass. zone 6
> > Where we went from 90 to below freezing in two days.  (Little visible
> > damage, blooms still blooming away.)
> >
> >
> >
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