[nafex] Gideon apple

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Tue May 8 09:03:41 EDT 2001

Thank you Claude,
That really sounds like the apple I found. Now if I can get back up there for
some scion wood. People bought the old property and cut most of the trees down to
run cows in the fields. I was monitoring one of the trees that got cut there. It
also was pale yellow with a bright pink cheek. It was conical, quite late, very
hard and crunchy, snow white flesh with a refreshing taste. Everyone loved it.
There was little scab that I remember, though I have not had enough time to
determine if it is resistant, and it was very heavily spurred. I have one last
hope that it is saved but won't know 'til the limb fruits. It is blooming this
year, but I won't know until I see the fruit if I made a mistake tagging. Oopps!
Maybe I'll be lucky.
If I can get scions of the SMT#2 apple and the Gideon from Daryl, I'll graft them
onto the same tree to compare. That is probably the best way to save time and be
vic NH zone 3

Claude Jolicoeur wrote:

> Vic,
> Gideon is an apple that is very well liked by Daryl Hunter in New
> Brunswick. Daryl is a NAFEX member, but I don't think he is on this list.
> He is however on the Apple-crop list and he wrote these lines about Gideon:
> "One of the heritage varieties that I'd never part with is Gideon, with its
> delicate skin and its very juicy, pear flavored flesh that often has water
> core. This cold hardy variety is handsome to look at with its porcelain
> like bright yellow skin and pink blush, and it seldom has scab even in our
> scab prone region.  However, the very things I like about Gideon - the
> tender skin and the sugary water core, make it a poor commercial apple.  It
> is also strongly biennial."
> If you want, I have a picture of Gideon that I could send off list to you.
> Claude
> A 10:11 01.05.07 +0000, vous avez écrit :
> >ps - The companion tree to the crab I found seems to match Gideon. I don't
> >know how this variety could have arrived in northern Vermont as one of three
> >younger trees growing not far from the largest spreading Wolf River I have
> >yet to find. I have eliminated all other early yellow blushed varieties and
> >keep coming up with Gideon. Does anyone know of this variety being grown in
> >the northeast?
> >vic zone 3 NH
> >
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