[nafex] grafting: summer budding with dormant scions? (apple)

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Tue May 8 08:45:52 EDT 2001

Hi again Ginda,
I often graft the no takes later in the year with the scion wood I kept in
the frig. Sometimes you can even use the same piece. If it's starting to get
too hot and dry though, staple a folded paper envelope around the graft to
shade it.
This might give you a little more confidence where time is concerned, my
mentor where grafting is concerned was Henry Lang who passed away at age 94.
He spent many years experimenting with many types of grafts. While he
preferred to graft in early spring, he grafted experimentally every month of
the year. He said that the only month he ever experienced poor takes was
February. His preferred graft was a simple whip with no tongue and his
success rate was near perfect!
vic NH zone 3
ps - I have a bad habit of not discarding scion wood until I have bud wood
ready to go.

Ginda Fisher wrote:

> I grafted some more apples this year, and ran out of good spots before I
> ran out of scion wood.  Due to various distractions (work, family) I
> wasn't able to do many of the grafts at the optimal time, and a bunch
> were done too early, too late, or too cold.  I'm not expecting a great
> success rate.
> After the grafts do their thing, could I use the leftover scion wood (in
> the fridge) to graft this summer to re-do the ones that don't take?  I'd
> like to try chip budding, if that works with dormant wood.  Or I could
> do more twig grafts (of whatever shape seems easiest.)  Will the
> refrigerated twigs keep that long?
> Thanks,
> Ginda
> zone 6
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