[nafex] grafting: summer budding with dormant scions? (apple)

Ginda Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Mon May 7 22:44:06 EDT 2001

I grafted some more apples this year, and ran out of good spots before I
ran out of scion wood.  Due to various distractions (work, family) I
wasn't able to do many of the grafts at the optimal time, and a bunch
were done too early, too late, or too cold.  I'm not expecting a great
success rate.

After the grafts do their thing, could I use the leftover scion wood (in
the fridge) to graft this summer to re-do the ones that don't take?  I'd
like to try chip budding, if that works with dormant wood.  Or I could
do more twig grafts (of whatever shape seems easiest.)  Will the
refrigerated twigs keep that long?

zone 6


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