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Hello Mike,
Count me in!  Just what I was looking for--a group such as this.  I have grafted over the last couple of years about twenty different types of cider type variety trees (combination of old american types such as golden russet, honey cider, taliaferro and hewes crab as well as some european types such as kingston black, michelin and medaille d'or).  Now I have to start to look for groups/people experienced in actually making the cider, so a group like this is perfect for me.  I'm located in the Shenandoah valley about thirty minutes west of Charlottesville.  My name is Ken Harnad.  Address is 1213 Rockfish Road, Waynesboro,VA  22980.  Email address is mailto:harnad at intelos.net
I look forward to hearing again from you again.  Regards, ken
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  A number of us- 30 or so- met about 6 weeks ago and would like to put 
  together a national network/guild of people who make or would like to 
  make hard cider. A model we might get some ideas from is what exists 
  in the UK.  I volunteered to lead the organizing of the effort and 
  would appreciate anyone who may have an interest to email me.  I
  would appreciate it if anyone who was in Lancaster Pa and signed the 
  list would also email me as many of the hand written addresses were 
  not easy to read. I have been in touch with Dick Dunn and he is 
  encouraging in his comments and thoughts. If there are any other 
  internet groups that I should contact to stimulate interest please
  let me know.
  I realize that this is not quite the growing of fruit but its close 
  and we thought NAFEX was a good place to find prospects for many of us 
  did the natural progression from growing fruit to using it to make 
  good hard cider.
  Mike Tomlinson

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