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Mon May 7 12:08:57 EDT 2001

Well, Chris, that is a mystery.

At the risk of talking around your question and not answering it....

One factor that is not discussed very often is rootstock and interstem
influence on tree shape.

I visited Roger Miller's place (in Eaton Rapids) on Saturday.  He
showed me several trees where he grafted several apple cultivars on
"column" type apples.  He had fruited out the column apples and was
not impressed with the quality, so he top-worked several of them.

The top-worked varieties grew like Lombardy poplar trees....much like
the form of the column trees.

My guess is that the column "interstem" produces auxins (growth
regulators) that inhibit side shoot development and make narrow crotch
angles.  The textbooks identify the growing point as the source of the
growth regulators that inhibit the development of side buds.  Pinch
out the growing tip and the tree will "feather".  Obviously, growth
regulators of various sources are produced in all parts of the tree.

Best regards, Joe

> Yellow Newtown is listed as a Semi-Spur.
> Hmmm,  is this different performance at a different climate?  Or
> something else?

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