[nafex] Re: KERR applecrabs

victoria l. caron vicaron at gis.net
Mon May 7 06:11:58 EDT 2001

Hi Dan,
I found a crab at an old farm site. It was on semi dwarf stock and not one of
the older trees. I haven't had much time to get it identified and could find
nothing really close in Beach. It is entered in my local catalog as SMT#3,
(Snow Mt.. 3rd tree).  Kerr sounds really close. What is the form of the Kerr
fruit? Mine is slightly flat (wider than it is long), and most are very
obviously five sided. I have a tree of SMT#3 growing in one of my foster
orchards. I'll have to graft a Kerr onto that tree to see if they match.
ps - The companion tree to the crab I found seems to match Gideon. I don't
know how this variety could have arrived in northern Vermont as one of three
younger trees growing not far from the largest spreading Wolf River I have
yet to find. I have eliminated all other early yellow blushed varieties and
keep coming up with Gideon. Does anyone know of this variety being grown in
the northeast?
vic zone 3 NH

Dan & Marilyn Mason wrote:

> Kerr applecrabs are a really bright shiny dark red, late Sept.
> bearing, tasty, crunchy, snack sized (2.5") little apple. They
> keep better than most apples. I don't know how large the tree
> would get because the tree here was invaded by borers and broke
> off at the crown after it had reached bearing size. A second trunk
> grew from above the graft to become bearing size and that broke
> off in a violent wind. I grafted replacement trees but don't
> think any of them still survive. A couple wet winters together
> with our fairly flat slowly drained ground killed most of our
> apple trees several years ago.
> Dan Mason   zone 3, NW ON Canada
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