[nafex] mowing-voles-mulch-grafting

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Mon May 7 08:59:56 EDT 2001

	No, we're not mowing here yet!, but I was reading in the Pennsylavnia web 
site Gordon just posted in their section about voles, and the disadvantage 
of a sickle mower making habitat for the little monsters.  When I'm done 
planting  I'll have about an acre of fruit trees to care for. I acquired a 
16 horse massey with a 4' 3 blade belley mower and, proudly went out and 
found a 4' side sickle mower to adapt. My thinking is to use mowed 2' green 
hay as mulch-soil builder on our heavy clay hills.
	However, the article recommended a flail mower instead , and i understand 
they also have importance in chewing up leaves in the fall for disease 
prevention?  I've never seen a flail mower for a garden type tractor... has 
anyone ? Is a flail mower that much better than a rotary mower?
Now that i'm adding window screen to the trees hopefully the vole problem 
will be licked, but I'd hate to propagate them. Does anyone out their lay 
down fresh cut hay for mulch? Use a flail mower?
	Just put out 25 of the apples I grafted onto prunifolia, some grafts grew 
4' last summer, and some grafts I had to get out reading glasses to be sure 
there was a graft.  The miracle of grafting is such a marvelous thing! This 
is a 30 year dream come true, thanks for all the help.   Mn. Del
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