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Voles (meadow mice) seem to like young M9 and M26 rootstock, but I have never had them damage St Julien A (Prunus r/s) or quince.

They usually seem to damage young apple trees only, but last winter they've eaten a lot of the roots of my eight year old M9/Dolgo (I noticed it because tree is 'loose' in the ground).

A friend tells me they like blueberries best of all!

They devoured all the roots of my phlox in the garden (near the Dolgo).

I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to wrap the metal mesh around the tree and hold the ends parallel like a keyhole and staple, rather than overlapping them and having a bit of difficulty stapling.

On the rainy south west coast where the land doesn't freeze for long, the below ground damage is harder to control than the above ground nibbling.  Perhaps in Quebec, the frozen ground is too hard for them to burrow?

I cage my blocks of nursery trees with chicken wire to protect against rabbits.

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  I folded the screen to make sort of a tube around the stem of the small tree and I used a regular paper stapler to staple the overlap at the top and at the bottom. I put a staple as far as I could reach by inserting the bottom smaller part of the stapler inside the tube, and then I put one staple near the edge, bringing the overlap tighter. 

  Though, I am under the impression that prunus are not a mouse favorite food. Has anyone ever experienced mice damage on prunus?

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