[nafex] after care for graft-lings

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I would much rather get me two more sheep to keep an acre and a half well 
groomed. Much better eating also. Rent a ram in the fall and have fresh meat 
the following year. I also sheared, cared for, slaughted and butchered 
myself. They were much quieter and docile. I have had a few geese, turkey's 
etc. What ever fancied the kids delights back then.

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The best rule of thumb is to keep livestock out of the orchard, especially 
you plan on using drops for cider.


Naomi Ann Counides wrote:

 > Well everyone should buy geese.  I have new trees in the yard with my 
 > and I carefully protect my trees with lots of chicken wire or the geese 
 > girdle them.  But the geese mow the grass and leave droppings behind.  My
 > husband has very little mowing to do.  And at the end of the season we 
 > the goslings to the poultry butcher and then have roasted smoked goose 
 > special occasions.  The soup is great too.  I will put my smoked goose 
 > up against any soup made out of any other lawnmower, Lawnboy, Snapper,
 > Craftsman, whatever.  I also favor having goats (and good fencing).
 > Naomi Counides
 > Associated Beefalo of Idaho
 > tugger at netreach.net wrote:
 > > Yesterday I saw some trees done by a local amish nursery owner at
 > > about the same time I grafted trees last year.  His results are far
 > > superior to mine but he wouldn't share his secrets with me except to
 > > say he watered them 2x  per week and asked if I saw the geese up in
 > > the field by where he has his tree nursery? I watered my trees 2 or 3
 > > x per week last year with a dripper system, fertilized them 3 or 4 x
 > > per season with a manure tea, kept the weeds down but my whips are at
 > > max. 3' tall and his trees are 5-6' tall. He dug them late in the
 > > fall and put them in cold storage and had potted them for sale about a
 > > month ago. What am I missing or should I buy geese?
 > > Mike
 > >
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