[nafex] raspberries

Sam Brungardt samb at pop.isd.net
Fri May 4 06:33:05 EDT 2001

Del, now's an excellent time to transplant suckers from your original 
plants.  Dig them with as much root as possible, set them the same 
depth they were before you dug them, and watch that they don't dry 
out until they get established in their new location.

Sorry to hear that the Autumn Bliss have fruited so late for you when 
grown as a single crop.  You should be able to get a summer crop 
without any problems as long as the floricanes overwinter without 
damage.--Sam Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn.

>	The Autumn Bliss i put in 2 years ago are showing their 
>stuff, a hundred
>little clones popping up as much as 3 feet away. So far they've been a
>disapointment in how late they bare..we've lost 2/3 of the crop to late sept
>frosts both years. So this year I did'nt mow them down and will try them as
>summer bearing. I got them because fall bearing (primocane fruiting) means I
>don't have to worry about winter damage. Anyone know of an earlier bearing
>"fall bearing"
>Is now the time to transplant these new ones that are coming up in the path?
>   or does one dig down when dormant and look for roots?
>I dont know if its yahoo or hotmail but I just had a post show up 36 hours
>late, gets egg on my face, I wonder where these things hide out
>      Mn. Del   where the trilliums are just poking up.
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