[nafex] plantskyd and bud caps

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Thu May 3 12:00:14 EDT 2001

I sent a post on this stuff 2 days ago ....must be in the Pleides by now...

was just given a sack of the stuff (PLANTSKYD)by a fellow who applies it 
commercially to pine trees as deer repellent.  I did a net search with 
little results. It's  made in Canada but the name looks very Swedish. 
Supposed to last 3 months.  He thinks it may have blood, and vegatable oil 
binder. A product like this could open up areas for planting that i dont 
want to fence.  If it has blood it could be an attractent for voles?, the 
carnivorous little buggers. Worst year I've seen for them.

Any one use it?   Or know of a web site?  I want to know whats in it and 
application recs. on fruit trees before applying.

Secondly, I went out in our woods to see the result of bud capping our few 
natural seedling white pines. Worth a photo...a six foot stick stripped but 
for the happy needles and terminal bud at the very top.
Results on fruit trees have been mixed...they dont have those nice needles 
to staple into.

Nature moment off topic....this morn 50' out our north window was a huge 
great gray owl preening itself on a stick, it was silhouetted against a big 
doe, which was silhouetted against the morning light on our new pond..   Mn. 
Del,  planting like crazy and trying c-spray and golden harvest, and 2 kinds 
of mycorrhiza on the roots.  32 to 68 temp range lately.
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