[nafex] care of new graft-lings

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Geese are good weeders, which might be what he meant.  They also deposit
copious amounts of fertilizer - we had some that had to go before we got
hurt when they made the driveway slippery from poop.
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>Yesterday I saw the results of an Amish expert's grafting and care of 
>year old graft-lings and I wonder what I'm doing wrong.  His trees
>are 5-6' tall, well branched and were dug last fall, kept in cold 
>storage and potted a month ago.  My trees grafted in Mar 2000 from the 
>same collection of scions, to similar rootstock- m7- callused for 
>about a month and planted in a drip irrigated nursery, fertilized with 
>manure tea several times last summer now range from 18 - 36" high and 
>are half of his caliper.  When I asked him his secret he said he 
>watered them several times a week and "had I seen the goose up in the
>orchard? " When I asked what he meant he avoided my question.
>Shall I buy some geese or does someone have any other ideas on what 
>I'm missing in developing similar trees.
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