[nafex] Confusion over fluid ounces

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Wed May 2 08:28:28 EDT 2001

A 12:06 01.05.01 -0500, vous avez écrit :
>Usually I use Fruitone N ( NAA) for thinning apples where I know that 4
>ounces in 100 gallons equals 10 parts per million.  I have some
>Kling-Tite, same chemical but liquid form, where 1.9 fluid ounce is
>equivelent.  Just how much does 1.9 fluid ounce weigh on a conventional
>scale ?It seems that a fluid ounce doesn't weigh the same as an ordinary

Here is the data:
1 fluid ounce (US) = 29.547 ml
The imperial fl.oz is sightly smaller at 28.41 ml.

The conversion to ounces of weight depends on the density of the stuff. One
imperial fluid ounce of pure water at a temperature of 60 F (if I remember
well, but I am not certain of the exact reference temperature, could be 50)
will weight one ounce.

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